Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1607 – Error 0xc1900204 [How to Fix?]

error 0xc1900204

The error 0xc1900204 occurs when there is an issue in the installation of updates of your current Windows system files. There are a few fixes that can be attempted to check if you can fix the system files. Generally, when this error comes, you see this:

“Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1607 – Error 0xc1900204” (version can be different as per version you are using.). That means the feature update to Windows 10 is available for version 1607 or any as per your Windows version is not able to proceed because of some issues, and for that, it throws the error 0xc1900204. 

In this article, I would recommend a few fixes that you may try if you are facing this issue again and again while installing Windows Updates.

error 0xc1900204

Among all the fixes and methods, Windows Troubleshooter remains the best fix for many errors and issues. All you need is to run the troubleshooter and it will fix the changed/corrupted files. Apart from that, one more way you can try is theregistry edit” feature which when used in CMD (Command Prompt) re-edits your registry and changes it back to its original form. Moreover, there are many ways to fix certain Windows errors. So, here in this article, let’s check out more about the “error 0xc1900204” and the methods we can employ to fix this.

Similar Issues That Users Faced

I am going to discuss the ways to fix the error 0xc1900204 which appears while Windows feature updates but a similar error happens for a few other jobs as well.

  • 0xc1900204 upgrade: This error occurs when you try to run a recent upgrade. To counter the error you need to use your Windows Update Troubleshooter as well as try other fixes.
  • Windows setup failed with hexadecimal exit code 0xc1900204: If this error occurs you need to re-download the windows pack and try to reinstall it again.
  • Windows 10 Update Assistant 0xc1900204: Sometimes Windows Updates/Upgrades happen through the Update Assistant. This error occurs when there is an issue with the updated components. The best way to get rid of this error is simply to reset the updated components.

How to Fix ‘Windows Update Error 0xc1900204’?

Run Windows Update Troubleshooter

As said above, the inbuilt troubleshooter is the best one to try for most of the errors as in most cases, it fixes the issue. It is capable of replacing the malfunctioning system files that are causing the problem.

Here are the steps for running the Windows Update Troubleshooter:

  • Navigate to the windows icon at the bottom of the screen, click it, and then move to settings and select it
  • After opening settings, select “Update and Security

update and security

  • Now go to “Troubleshoot”


  • After that, you will findWindows Update” on the left pane of the page. Select the option.
  • Then you have to click onRun the Troubleshooter

run the troubleshooter

  • Now Windows will try configuring the problem and a dialog box will appear with the “Apply the Fix” button. Select it.
  • Once the fix is done, close the Update window.
  • Now, try to run the Windows Updates and see if they are getting installed in your system.

Resetting Windows Update Components

Error 0xc1900204 can occur due to issues with the Windows Updating Components. To rectify you can reset those components to their defaults. It can be easily done in either CMD.

Just make sure that you have sequentially executed all the commands in order:

  • Just search ‘CMD’ on the Windows search bar
  • Right-click on CMD and select ‘run as an administrator
  • Once the CMD app opens you need to enter the following commands and press enter for each of the commands:
      1. net stop wuauserv
      2. net stop cryptSvc
      3. net stop bits
      4. net stop msiserver
      5. ren C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution SoftwareDistribution.old
      6. ren C:WindowsSystem32catroot2 Catroot2.oldnet start wuauserv
      7. net start cryptSvc
      8. net start bits
      9. net start msiserver
  • After the execution is properly carried out. You need to restart your PC and try updating Windows again.

Reset the Registry

  • Go to the windows search bar and type in ‘regedit
  • Now right-click on ‘regedit’ and choose ‘run as an administrator option’ and also click ‘yes’ on the user account control prompt
  • Now you will have to save the backup file to a safe location. By doing this you are protecting your computer from having issues if the fix does not lead to results. You have to click on export and save the file.
  • In the left pane choose the option ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE

  • Now you need to lead yourself to the path, ‘SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion’
  • Now you will find a file called, ‘ProgramFilesDir’, once you select it you will be provided a path to the original location of the file. You can change the current location to where you want to install the required programs.

  • Once done, close the registry
  • Now you can try using the Windows Update.

Check Antivirus Interference

Antivirus for security matters is a great tool. It prevents you from various malicious viruses. It can also cause an issue with the execution of system files. To check for possible interference with the antivirus, you will be required to first disable your antivirus and then run the update.

In case the issue does not resolve, you have to uninstall the antivirus completely, install your updates and then get new antivirus software. In case you are using a paid version you can try doing other fixes given here in case you do not want to remove the antivirus.

Running SFC scan to fix corrupt files

Another fix that is required to be done is the System Check of corrupt files. Here the CMD itself fixes all the issues without any hindrance. You just require to type in commands.

  • Type in “CMD” on your Windows search bar
  • Now right-click and select “Run as administrator
  • When the CMD starts, type in “sfc/scannow” and then press Enter.
  • Wait for some time for CMD to take note of the problem. After few minutes once the scan completes, close the CMD window and run Windows Update again.

Did it work? In case it did not you need to do a DISM scan to see if it works or not

  • Type in the following command by opening the CMD app again, ‘DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
  • See if the Windows Update issue persists. If the issue still exists try running SFC scan one more time to see if the Update occurs without any hindrance. [/su_row]

Installing Updates Manually

There can be a compulsion where you need to install all the updates manually. Here are the steps:

  • Open Windows Catalog
  • From the Windows Updates section, you can check all the KB of updates that are failing to be properly installed in your system
  • You need to check in the windows update catalog for the same updates that the system is not able to properly install.

  • Install them manually and run a Windows Update check to check for changes.

Use Media Creation Tool

Are you out of options? If that’s the case then you need to use the media creation tool. Here is How to get and execute the MCT:

  • Download the Media Creation Tool
  • Once complete, run the program
  • Now choose, ‘Upgrade this PC now option
  • The setup will prepare itself, now click on ‘Download and Install Updates recommended
  • Now you have to follow the instructions on the screen
  • Choose what kind of files you want to keep, and what you would most probably delete.
  • Once done, your copy of windows will be entirely new.

Hope that all the solutions that are listed above contributed to dealing with the error. If you ask me for my recommendation on any fix, I think I would personally recommend the use of the Media Creation Tool. personally, I loved all the fixes, like using CMD, Regedit, Software Tools, etc.. As compared to other fixes when you run the Media Creation Tool, and select the upgrade option, it changes all the properties of your system files. That’s why your system works efficiently as the source of these files is fixed.


What Does Error 0xc1900223 Mean and How Can You Fix it?

The error 0xc1900223 occurs because of network interference. This can occur because some network issues cause an intrusion while windows are being updated. Some common reasons might be using an adblocker. It can also be because DNS blockers are active and are stopping the internet connection to be used for the update. The error in this writeup hover is 0xc1900204, and this error primarily happens due to corruption in system files.

What technical level does Microsoft assign to SetupDiag?

SetupDiag or SetupDiag: \Level 300\ acts as a new tool that can isolate any potential root cause which leads to an upgrade failure. It is a directory file and is included with the Windows System Tools.

What is a clean install?

Clean install includes the process of installing the software with no remnants of the previous version. Software especially the OS (Operating System) Softwares like Windows has many versions for people to use. If you do the transition through an upgrade various settings will exist, which means it’s not a clean install. However, if you install an entire windows software with the help of the Windows bootable CD and the Disk that’s a clean install. It is true for other software too, especially the daily used ones which are used for viewing videos, cleaning cache, and RAM data.


Try each of the fixes, and after every fix, try updating again to see if that fixes the issue. If nothing works, you can always use Windows Media Creation Tool in the end. High chances are that these fixes would fix the Error 0xc1900204.


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