What is Windows Activation Error code 0x44578? How to Fix it?


Have you ever gotten the error, Windows activation error code 0x44578 or it may be 0x55601? If you have then you might be pissed and want to do something about it. First of all, it’s a very unknown thing to occur but it’s not a service issue. This error often occurs when you boot your PC like you did a restart or you turned on your laptop. 

It often shows on your screen that your Windows is not activated and you need to call on this number to get the error fixed. Well, firstly that is a scam, when you call the number they often convince you to buy a license key from them. They pretend to be from Microsoft. This error has sort of bombarded the internet and is fairly new.

Let’s see How we can fix it:

How Has the Virus Spread?

The virus is becoming strong because of negligence. People do not understand How risky it can be to install unknown applications. This virus is nothing but a very simple anomaly when infection cuts access to your desktop programs. It is not that complex and does not even encrypt your data. It’s often part of the software installation packages and then it infects your PC. It is often packaged with software. Many people when they install any software or an important application, do not check the advanced or custom installation files of the software. The files pack these deadly viruses. The virus is a mixture of both ransomware and adware.

Fix Windows Activation Error Code 0x44578

Try Booting Through Command Prompt

To resolve Windows activation error code 0x44578, you have to enter your computer and gain access. You can gain access by opening the command prompt.

How do you open the command prompt, please perform the following steps:

  • As the smart screen appears before the error window, press shift and then click on the power button at the bottom right and then choose ‘restart’
  • Now your system will restart, from the list of options choose ‘troubleshoot’
  • Now select ‘advanced settings’
  • Click ‘startup settings’
  • Click on ‘safe mode with networking
  • Now click ‘restart’
  • Now after the computer restarts, you will see a screen with multiple options including safe mode. What you need to do is press 6 or F6 to get access to safe mode with command prompt.

Once you have gained access to CMD, sequentially type in the following commands alongside pressing enter in each code:

  • Firstly type in ‘msconfig’ and press ‘Enter
  • Drop the CMD window onto the taskbar by minimizing
  • Now right-click on the ‘win’ icon and select startup
  • Now select ‘task manager’ and open it.
  • Can you see any particular program that you find is not from a known source, try disabling it
  • Once disabling, type in exe on the command prompt and then ‘enter
  • Now select the ‘AdwCleaner’ from the program files and run it. You will find Adwcleaner there only if you have installed it on your computer. If you don’t have it, you can download that from here.
  • After it’s done, you need to run the adware cleaner software and run a scan
  • Once the software completes its run, it will restart your PC.
  • Now you need to download malware bytes and then run a full malware scan to tackle threats.
  • You are good to go once the threat is neutralized.

Try Using System Restore

So, here is the thing: system restore works pretty much better than the other fixes. From personal experience, I can tell you that this method works. And beyond the benefits, system restore acts as a pathway to go back to your previous settings. It works as a great asset, able to cure current problems. I am mentioning the steps to access it:

  • Launch Command Prompt.
  • Type in Exe and then press enter in the command prompt
  • You will see a new window, make sure to click next
  • You will see a list of system restore points and you have to choose one. In case, you cannot determine the virus infection date because restoring the system on a date earlier than that will lead to the virus still existing. You need to look for a system restore update 2-3 weeks ago, select that particular restore point
  • Now click finish.

Once it’s done your system will be reverted to the earlier system on the date when the system restore was done.

Go for System Restore the Hard Way

  • Now when you perform a simple system restore, the process is very linear. But that’s not the case if you do not get a safe mode login entry. In that case, you need to get into windows recovery by the hard reset method. Here are how you can get entry into the hard method
  • If you are on the welcome screen. Press shift and then click on the windows power key and click on restart
  • As the windows restart as the windows logo appears, press your power key for 10-15 seconds. Repeat the process twice. On the third try, you will gain access to Windows Recovery.
  • Click on Troubleshoot and then on system restore.

  • You will be taken to your desktop but in safe mode.
  • You need to put all your login credentials in and then progress with system restore.

I love the hard reset method. If you ask me why then my answer is simple. Ransomware of this kind can also stop you from accessing the safe mode. In case any of the things do not work. You still have the hard reset and it does the job fine. The pros list will be fixing many problems by action. Ensures there is complete safety. Even after repeated scans, we tend to remain unsure about the safety status while the con is that it’s risky as per the reward at least with your previous files. Out of all these methods at least one will work as a guarantee.


Q. Can You Use Unactivated Windows?

See, unactivated windows can be easily accessed without problems. The only difference is that there will be some disadvantages but not to a degree that it will be extremely impossible to work on them. It does restrict personalization. It compensates for some high-end edits. But for a person with fundamental needs, it’s sufficient.

Q. Is KMS activation harmful?

KMS activation is harmful and should be avoided. What KMS has a problem with is mostly the use of piracy and client windows keys that are often hosted by a client. It’s still an act of piracy.

Q. Is Auto KMS a virus?

AutoKMS is a malware bytes tool that tries to identify hacker tools that let’s activate Microsoft Windows and MS Office even if you don’t have genuine copies of these.


Windows activation error code 0x44578 is caused by malware. I have simplified my take on this problem and directed you to some of the most precautious ways to deal with this dangerous malware. Hopefully, you will try and find the fix that works for you.


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