Fix: The Remote Device or Resource Won’t Accept the Connection Error in Windows


The Remote Device or Resource won’t Accept the Connection error usually occurs when the network settings are misconfigured. You get this error pretty commonly if you use a different proxy server in your university, office, etc. Being such a common error, however, if you have noticed, this error only pops up when you run the internet windows troubleshooter.

There are fixes available to resolve this error. In this article, we will explore the numerous options that we have to fix the error.

Why Does the Error Occur?

This error occurs due to three major reasons and is as follows:

  • Antivirus software blocking your network.
  • Proxy server causing issues.
  • Misconfiguration of the network. 
  • Some web browsers might cause this error.

List of fixes: “The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection” error

Disable Proxy Server

Proxy servers are a different pathway to connect to the internet. The data transmission happens differently when we connect to a proxy server. This becomes the leading reason for this type of error. If you want to get rid of this error simply disable your proxy settings, easy and simple. Turning it back on in urgent cases in your university or office is easy, hence do it when required.

Just follow these steps:

  • Go to your windows search bar on the taskbar and type in run, open it
  • In the run dialog box type in inetcpl.cpl


  • Open The connections tab in the next window.
  • At the bottom before the buttons in the window, on the right-hand side, you will see an option called LAN Settings. click it.

  • In the next window you will see a checkbox with a statement called, “Use a proxy server for your LAN”, simply deselect that option.
  • Then click OK.

  • And see if the issue has been fixed or not.

Try to Reset Internet Explorer Settings

The other method that you can try is resetting the internet explorer settings. It is not that hard and fairly easy. This takes care of the bad configuration settings that can be part of Internet Explorer and reconfiguring it sort of takes care of the error.

  • Run the ‘Run dialog box by pressing the ‘win key + R’
  • Then type in, ‘inetcpl.cpl’ and then hit enter.


  • You will open the internet properties window, open the advanced tab in the window, and click on the bottom ‘reset’ button.

  • There is a checkbox called ‘Delete Personal Settings’ uncheck it
  • Tap on reset and move back to the desktop screen. Restart your pc.

What this resolves is, if there is a possibility in your PC that the error has been happening because of any addon or certain intrinsic settings change by the browser it disables it when the network settings get changed in the middle.

I would personally recommend trying this fix at least once with the other fixes in this list. Settings that cause issues need a complete overhaul, in case you are an engineer or so and know deeply about networks; that’s different. But you need a system where the overhaul needs to provide that change. Hence try this option and without any issues follow it.

Try to Disable all Antiviruses, Content Blockers, and Firewalls

This fix is a tad bit risky considering you are removing all types of shields including any type of defense system in your network. But you see, we have found numerous instances and events of the error occurring when there is an intermediate blocking system in the network. Try disabling the antivirus, and content blockers of any kind, for instance, ad blockers, and disabling antivirus, etc to fix the issue.

  • Open control panel. Type in ‘control panel’ in the windows search bar.

  • As the control panel window opens, you will find a search option in the top right corner. Simply type in ‘windows firewall’, open it.

  • On the left-hand side see the “turn windows firewall on or off” option.

  • You will have two tabs public or private and choose ‘turn off windows firewall” in both the tabs.

  • Restart your PC and check if the changes have occurred or not.

These steps are only for people who use windows defender firewall and antivirus. For other antivirus software, you should check their guides on YouTube or on Google because every antivirus may have different options to enable/disable.

I didn’t like this fix when I had to perform it because my work area is quite sensitive, and losing my PC’s guard seems risky.  But, if no fixes work, this becomes the last resort  to perform. Doing this fix opens your PC to all sorts of virulent data theft on the internet. Prefer resetting once disabling the firewall. Do not perform this fix at all if you have sensitive work documents. 

Fix Through Command Prompt

CMD Prompt is a great alternative fix that you can perform. Here this fix will help you when you access a server of a specific domain and the address fails to load. You can force the access to happen and elevate the connection request by simply using commands in your CMD window.

  • Open CMD in the windows Cortana box. In the search bar type in ‘CMD’
  • You will see the CMD application on the right click on ‘run as administrator

  • Now you need to just type in the elevated command, ‘GPUPDATE /FORCE’
  • Hit enter and check if the fix helped or not after restarting your computer.

Renew and release IP address

This fix is great if the problem that you are facing is because of the IP address. This fix usually releases your IP address and asks your DHCP server to provide you with a new one. Simply perform these simple fixes by typing in commands in the CMD Window.

  • Open CMD by typing in ‘CMD’ in the windows search bar
  • In the right-hand side click on ‘run as administrator’
  • You need to type in two commands simultaneously, ‘ipconfig/release’. Hit enter.
  • Then type in ‘ipconfig/renew’. Again Hit enter.


Q: What is a proxy server?

A proxy server acts as a gateway between users and the network, monitors the connection, and ensures controlling cyber attacks in a private network.

Q. How to reset proxy settings through CMD?

Open run by pressing ‘win key + R’, type CMD in the dialog box and then click ok. Type this command, ‘netsh winhttp reset proxy’. Simply hit enter.

Q. What causes proxy errors?

Proxy errors usually occur when there is a problem with the scraping tool. It tends to cause issues such as whitelisting your PC in the network. If your PC is banned from entering the network. If you have entered the wrong credentials to access the network.


The remote device or resource won’t accept the connection error is not a very complex error to solve. It is easy to fix, moreover, the solutions are pretty basic like changing your proxy settings. Using small CMD commands to configure the network etc. I have mentioned succinctly for you all the required fixes to solve the error. Make sure you try all of them and see which fix works the best for you.


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